2014  DuPont Legal Minority Job Fair
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Where are the Job Fairs held?
This registration is for the job fairs being held in Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; and Wilmington, DE.
When are the Job Fairs held?
Saturday, August 02, 2014
Which law firms will be interviewing students?
DuPont has selected the participating employers as part of a program designed to foster partnering and efficiencies between client and law firm. Law firms that meet their criteria are designated as "Primary Law Firms" and assume significant responsibilities over DuPont's complex litigation docket. Primary Law Firms are joined by other service providers to create a DuPont Network with representatives throughout the United States. To view a complete list of participating employers, click here.
Who can participate?
DuPont and its Primary Law Firms have carefully selected the law schools whose students are invited to register for the job fairs. Only incoming 2L and 3L students actively enrolled in these schools at the time the job fairs are held (August 2014) may apply. Incoming first year students and law school alumni are not eligible.
Can I apply to more than one job fair Location?
No, students must choose a single job fair location during registration. Attendance at more than one fair is impossible because all three job fairs are held on the same date.
How do I register?
Complete the on-line registration form and submit a copy of your résumé and law school transcript by uploading your documents when requested during the registration process. Each student MUST complete the on-line registration form. No other means of completing the registration form are available. In the event that you are unable to directly upload your résumé and transcript to the registration site, you may send the information as an attachment to DuPontRegistration@ballardspahr.com or by mail to Nicole Oddo, DuPont Legal Minority Job Fair Coordinator, c/o Ballard Spahr LLP, 1735 Market Street, 51st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103-7599, before the registration deadline Thursday, May 01, 2014.   Your registration is not complete and will not be considered without your résumé and law school transcript.
What is the registration dealine?
Registration closes at 11:59 PM (EST) on Thursday, May 01, 2014.   No applications will be accepted once registration has closed.
What happens next?
After you submit your on-line registration form and upload your documents, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email back, your attempt to register has been unsuccessful and you should apply again.   (The confirmation email is the only communication you will receive from the Job Fair until initial interview selections are made in early June.)  

Participating employers will then have the opportunity to review your materials (taking into account your geographic preferences) and select students to whom they would like to extend invitations to interview at the job fair. Students will be notified via email as to whether or not they received any invitations to interview and will be given the opportunity to accept or decline the invitations.

If your email changes from that used during the registration process, please let us know. If you accept an invitation to interview at the job fair, you will be expected to travel to the job fair at your own expense.
What if I want to update my résumé and transcript after I've registered?
Only your original application materials will be submitted to the employers for consideration. Do not send updates. If selected for an interview, you should bring extra copies of both your updated résumé and transcript with you on job fair day.
DuPont is committed to a policy against discrimination based upon sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender/identity expression, handicap, disability, age, color or marital status. Submission of this form signifies the student's agreement to abide by DuPont's policy.